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The formation of Genius

The human industry is one of the most important humanitarian missions in the formation of conscience personality and the construction of healthy and sportive body. It is essential in developing the child’s skill to be an extraordinary man who can think outside the box to become genius.

Welcome to Genius International Schools (GIS)

GIS provides quality education. Understanding that children develop at different speeds in many different areas, we work in partnership with our parents so that we support every child as he/she progresses along their life journey of learning.

Welcome our headmistress

It is our pleasure and honor at Genius International Schools - Alexandria, Egypt, to welcome our new School Director, Ms Hanan El Gammal.

Ms Hanan brings over 17 years of experience in the educational field working in multiple roles across four different countries in the Middle East. Her latest tenure was for 9 years at Salahaldin International Schools Egypt where she taught and coordinated CAIE and American division programs. For the past 6 years she has been the Vice Director and Head of Academics at Salahaldin International Schools (Alexandria) and, by all measures, had a stellar record in this position.

As we met with her in the past few weeks, we found her to be a bold and compassionate leader who brings to the table both vision and determination. On behalf of the entire administration, faculty and student body, we welcome Ms. Hanan to the Genius International Schools family and wish her great success in this role. We hope that through her energy, enthusiasm and focus on education and learning, our institute will achieve greater excellence in building future leaders.

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